Exert from the riveting debut novel, by: author Kilam Nosym’ “Lil’ Gangsta Capone” Volume 1 L.A.”


       Sitting on a stool at the bar in Baby G-Mac’s crib, silent, I wait on Baby S Loc’s ass, to quit bullshitting so we can bounce, I turn and catch everybody locked in on the T.V. which is blaring the days early morning News Broadcast.




         “Good morning, Los Angeles. This is KTLA News’s, and we have 2 developing headlines at this time. For the first story, we will now send you over to Loretta, our on-scene reporter.”


         “Thank you, Biff. As you can see behind me, the intersection of Florence and Central ave. has been cordoned off by a sizable police force. Now, from the reports of witnesses and onlookers, around 6:00 am this morning, there was an armed confrontation between L.A.P.D uniformed patrol officers and multiple gunmen. Here’s what we’ve been able to gather so far. There are 2 L.A.P.D patrolmen. And 2 assailant’s…

Dead on the scene. All have seemingly sustained multiple, fatal, gunshots! We are awaiting an L.A.P.D spokesperson, who is enroute, for further information. That’s all we have for now. Biff. Back to you.”


         “As I mentioned at the beginning of this ‘Breaking News Broadcast, there are 2, we understand related, developing stories. We now send you over to the 2nd location and our on-scene reporter, Jack.”


        “Ok. OK. thanx. Well, first we have confirmed, the earlier shooting and this one, are related incidents. The 2 gunmen who killed, and consequently were killed themselves in a routine traffic stop by 2 L.A.P.D patrolmen, were enroute here. To this exact location L.A.P.D C.R.A.S.H unit officers are calling “a well-planned, militarized assault! executed by a reported 3 carloads of South-Central L.A. Gang Members. The whole of 62nd St., from Broadway to Main St., has been blocked off! with EMT Personnel, L.A.P.D patrolmen and Detectives, and coroners’ vans scurrying to & fro.!

From what I have been able to find out. There are among the victims, an elderly woman aged 71, a female age 13, and a minor male age 8. What we know currently is, there are 6 dead; 4 in critical condition; and 12 others with non-life-threatening injuries. Also, in a note of extreme, intent to terrorize! officers have found numerous “FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY” baseball caps littering the crime scene. L.A.P.D C.R.A.S.H unit officers have just confirmed. The letters on the caps, “FS”, when worn by certain initiated individuals, and left at the scene of the crime, is a chilling calling card that says, we did this to you, and represents a SOUTH-CENTRAL L.A. STREET GANGS’ NEIGHBORHOOD, WHICH GOES BY THE NAME… THE FIVE SIX GANGSTER CRIPS…”

“56th St.! nigga, gangstaaaaaa! six, nigga, six! Lil’ Aint Shit!, for you my nigga, for you!.” The homies pridefully drown out the rest of the broadcast….